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Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue Inc. has many dogs available for adoption. Please check our site for updates to our list of adoptable dogs. All of our dogs and cats are in foster homes which provides us with more information on how they will adjust to life in a new home. We do coordinate appointments with an approved application. We do this so if things are a good match when you meet, you are able to adopt the same day. Please understand we do our best to make a good match for a forever home. We also sometimes receive many applications for the same dog or cat. Completing an application does not guarantee you will be able to adopt the animal you are interested in adopting, but it does provide us with more information to see if it sounds like you will be a good match. Please read over our adoption requirements.



  • All current dogs and cats in the home need to be up to date on vaccines. All dogs in the home need to receive heartworm testing at least every two years.

  • A Veterinary reference is required if you currently own pets.* Please be sure to contact your veterinarian to give them permission to answer questions for us.

  • All current dogs and cats need to be spayed or neutered. If not, we do need to know why they are not, such as medical reasons or a breeder contract. Proof of either will be required.

  • Two personal references that are not related to you in addition to a veterinarian reference. If you do not have a veterinarian reference, we do require three personal references.

  • Renters are required to provide information to reach their landlord so we can verify breed or size restrictions for pets. We do not adopt dogs as emotional support animals to bypass restrictions in rental situations.

* Please note: Please note that if your current dog or cat is not up to date with vaccines, your dog does not get heartworm testing once every two years, or you cannot provide a veterinarian statement for lack of vaccine or medical reason for not neutering your dog or cat or a breeder contract, your application will be denied. Pennsylvania state law does require that all indoor cats be kept current on rabies vaccine and we do adhere to those guidelines when processing applications. We do need information for all animals in the same household.


Guardian Angel Animals
From time to time we do receive animals that much more highly adoptable then others due to breed mixes or appearance. We do charge higher adoption fees for these animals to help offset the medical costs of our older or critical animals that we rescue. Our organization depends on public donations and grant support to cover veterinary bills and operating costs. While an adoption fee for one animal does not cover all our costs, some do help offset the medical needs for another in need.

We will gladly accept checks for donations, but we prefer cash, Visa, Mastercard or Discover for adoption fees. Due to Pennsylvania state tax laws, adoption fees are taxable and we do have to collect sales tax at the time of adoption. For more information on a particular dog or about adopting, please call 484-719-7101 or email us.

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