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Logan's story

Logan was a German Shepherd puppy that was bred to become everyone's "puppy in the window" dream and would have been the perfect pet store puppy, except he had a congenital defect known as mega esophagus. This prevented him from properly swallowing his food. He was purchased at a pet store and returned once this defect was found by a veterinarian. Poor Logan actually sat in a cage for about one month until a rescue could be found to take him in and by that time, this once thriving puppy was underweight and battling pneumonia because of his inability to swallow properly.


At four months old, Logan was almost 10 pounds underweight on the day that he reached a rescue.  Unfortunately, all the medical care that Logan received could only support him for just over a week. During this time, Logan was loved and offered a life outside of a cage, when he was up for it. Although Logan did not survive, he is a symbol and an inspiration for all those out there looking for something better in life.


The pet store and puppy mill industry continues because of supply and demand, those that produce and are less fit to be sold are left behind and, I believe, should have a chance to be loved in a home just like the puppies that everyone sees in the window.


While changes in my life brought me out of animal rescue for a short period of time, I was brought back by the many animals still in need of help and also the friendship of those people that have dedicated themselves to help animals in need.

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