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farm animals

We currently provide care for horses, cows, goats and pot belly pigs. Some are available for adoption and others have a sanctuary home with our organization and are also used for tours and educational programs. Those that will be staying with us need your support in providing for them.

We are in the process of establishing a sponsorship program that will benefit these special farm animals. Below is a brief outline our our program with more information and photos to follow. If you are interested in participating, please utilize the contact us form and check "farm animal sponsorship".

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Nemo came to us a large fire at his home in 2019 at a Lehigh County farm. Nemo had escaped a few weeks before the fire and was running loose around the farm at the time. Sadly all the other pigs on the farm lost their lives in the fire. Nemo was scared and showed up at a neighboring farm which happened to belong to a foster to Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue. After
several attempts to catch him and with the blessing of his previous owners, was finally corralled into an indoor arena. Once he was captured and he knew that he was safe, he turned out to be the sweetest pig you would ever meet. Nemo is a market or meat pig and was bred to become food. We have agreed to give this sweet pig a sanctuary home for the rest of his life at Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue. Providing a safe and secure home for a pig like Nemo does have its challenges. He is already very large and strong and still growing. He can reach a size of over 1,000 pounds. He is extremely social and smart. We need help to sponsor his care and increase the size of his living space as he grows to keep him happy and safe. As well as provide
appropriate vaccines and veterinary care for Nemo. Become a sponsor to help Nemo.


Fleur is a very sweet and social piglet that was pan fed and home raised by our farm manager Kelly Kalb. Fleur and her siblings were born by c-section at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic on January 17, 2020. Her mom came to us from ACCT Philly after she had been severely abused. She could not have normal birth due to all the injuries she had suffered. Her mom did
survive and was adopted out to a loving home along with her brother and sister. Fleur has stayed with us to with kids programs and to show people how sweet pot belly pigs can be. You can help sponsor her care at the farm.


Napoleon came to us after his owner's health began to fail. He is all they had left to remember their daughter that died in a local house fire many years ago. He is a miniature horse who has the heart of a large horse. Napoleon was born in June of 2000 but he can live for 30-40 years. Napoleon helps us with kids programs and other educational programs. You can help
sponsor his care at the farm.


Ella, Jolene and Amber came to us after we answered pleas on social media to save them from going to auction. Many calves are born each year as a byproduct of the dairy industry. In order for farmers to provide milk to all the people that need it, a calf needs to be born and then they are usually sold for meat or for their hides. Many get sick at auctions and sale barns. We all came together to save these girls and give them a forever home without a production life or going to slaughter. We have learned how friendly and social cows can be. This also is help us learn more to help other cows in the future that could come to us from humane cases or neglect situations. You can help sponsor care for one of these girls at the farm.

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