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Foster a Pet

Fostering is a very important part of our organization. We are all foster based for our dogs and cats.

Dogs and Puppies
We pull dogs from high volume shelters. These dogs or puppies do require quarantine from other dogs for a period of two weeks to prevent possible spread of kennel cough or other viruses they may have picked up in the shelter. We also received dogs locally that do not require quarantine like local found strays, local surrenders, returned adoptions and surrenders from local commercial kennels or puppy mills. Some are purebred dogs ranging from Shih Tzu to English Bulldogs to designer breeds like Puggles and Labradoodles. They can also be under-socialized and most are not housebroken because they have been living in kennels or even cages.


Pregnant dogs and moms with puppies do not do well in shelters. Foster homes are very important to help young puppies survive and to watch moms-to-be for any complications. Fostering a momma dog and pups can be very rewarding, but a lot of work. This is a big commitment, but you can also help save many lives.

We need temporary fosters to cover vacations for other fosters, local surrenders or to help with litters of puppies once they are old enough to be separated from mom. We need your help to get these dogs started on their road to becoming family pets and learning what life is like for dogs that become a part of a family. We occasionally have puppies or younger dogs in our program and need foster homes for these dogs as well.

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Foster Dog Application-Thumb.jpg

Clicking the above will take you to our online application.

Cats and Kittens:
We receive many calls locally to help kittens, pregnant mom cats and moms already with kittens. We also help our shelter partners with kittens and moms-to-be. Its required that cats from shelters and transport be kept separate from your current pets for a period of two weeks.


Moms with kittens and pregnant mom cats should be given their own room that is quiet and stress free to raise their kittens. Bottle feeders for abandoned kittens and puppies are also needed in the spring and summer. You do need to be available to feed every few hours and we can train you how to care for bottle babies if your schedule allows for this very rewarding experience.

Foster home caregivers are also expected to:

  • Transport your foster dog or cat to the veterinarian for vaccines and spay/neutering as well as any other medical needs.

  • Provide a dog or cat with a safe and comfortable home is some cases for the first time in their life.

  • Take foster dogs or cats to adoption events to help them find new homes.

  • Provide specialty care to younger animals like bottle babies, injured animals or even those that are older and require special attention or medical needs.

Fostering is a commitment; training and understanding of our handbook and procedures is required. We do provide all supplies and veterinary care while fostering, but you do need to be local to us to pick up supplies, coordinate veterinary care and come to adoption appointments.

If you are more interested in adopting, please visit our Adopt page about more information on adopting. Foster to adopt options are available for adult dogs or those with medical issues. Those dogs will be posted with that option usually on our Facebook page first. An adoption application does need to be completed for foster to adopt. The first step to becoming a foster home is to complete our Dog Foster application. We need your help to save these pets in need.


Fosters are an extremely important part of our organization.

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